Apr 08 2014

Samsung and iPhone

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One of the hardest parts of living in Virginia, apart from being so far from almost everybody that I know, is living in an area where its nearly impossible to get internet. I get mine through Verizon, but I have to pay an extra $10 or $15 a month to have my iPhone turn into a hotspot, and even then it’s sketchy at best. Unfortunately, I can’t download anything over that connection, so if I have to do anything like that, I have to go to the library.

However I do have a pretty sweet Samsung tablet with a talk to text feature that doesn’t understand punctuation or grammar or capitalization or sarcasm, but it’s still a lot of fun to use. Technology as a whole has not forsaken me yet.

Work has been absolutely ridiculous, but that’s pretty par for the course. I really can’t wait until I’m finished with school, which means I have to go back to school, and get a real job. One semester off turned in the six years a little too quickly. I’m tentatively set up for this fall as long as the extra FAFSA paperwork I have to do goes through

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