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Jun 27 2012


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The fire spreading to my hometown is surreal. The news is so depressing. Pieces of my childhood are burning to the ground, and the fire is only 5% contained. My brother has been keeping me updated with pictures of the north side against a background of smoke and flames obscuring the mountains, and all I [...]

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Jun 25 2012


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I’m really worried about the Waldo Canyon Fire that’s edging closer and closer to my family in Colorado Springs. I know that they’ll be evacuated if it gets too close, and they all have somewhere to go just in case, but I can’t help but be worried as hell about them. If you could send [...]

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Jun 24 2012


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There is just too much going on that’s sucking up all of my energy and patience, and maybe I just can’t be awesome every day. I’m just too exhausted to keep up with writing every day right now.

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Jun 21 2012

TAP Day 33: Vroom Vroom!

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I finally bought a car! It’s a white 2002 Saturn, and the biggest problem with it is that none of the buttons on the stereo work. It’s stuck on a crappy country station, but luckily it will still play CDs, I just can’t skip any songs that I don’t like. I haven’t checked the cassette [...]

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Jun 20 2012

TAP Day 32: WednesdayFriday

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I’m enjoying my lunch break behind the store, like I do most days when it’s not windy. There are some clouds way out on the horizon, but the first day of summer couldn’t be more beautiful. I do wish the picnic tables weren’t behind the dumpster, though. I love nice weather. I wish I could [...]

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