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Apr 30 2011


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I’m back in Wyoming after a very long week. I said goodbye to my grandpa, saw my family, and got some of my furniture. I cleaned out my mom’s garage of all of my old things. I put 200 extra miles on my car while never leaving the city because I had so much to [...]

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Apr 22 2011


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Well, my grandpa died on Wednesday. I’m just really glad that I called him on Tuesday to tell him how much I loved him. Luckily, I have Sunday off for Easter, then I always have Monday-Wednesday off, so I’ll have time to drive home and see everybody. The funeral isn’t until Thursday at 11 am, [...]

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Apr 19 2011


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As a kid, my grandpa was a strict authority figure, always threatening to spank me if I didn’t knock it off. I would flip over the back end of his couch, and although I don’t remember him ever actually following through on his promise, it’s always the first thing I think of whenever somebody mentions [...]

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Apr 16 2011

Some Sort Of Update

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I know it’s been awhile, but the good news is that my bathroom ceiling no longer leaks. The bad news is that there is still a giant hole up there. The worse news is that my next-door neighbor’s bathroom ceiling started to leak, leading the maintenance guy to cut a giant hole into hers, and [...]

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