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Nov 30 2010

Day 334

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I’m making another roast for dinner with my slow-cooker, and I decided to pop a clementine in there. I hope it doesn’t make the entire thing taste like oranges, but I doubt it will. One clementine is pretty small compared to all of the potatoes and carrots and celery, plus all the seasonings. At least [...]

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Nov 29 2010

Day 333

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Please help me eat these leftovers. I can’t take it anymore.

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Nov 28 2010

Day 332

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Take it away, Gabe. “So according to Lauren I need to explain our dual ISPs. Well simply put, I need to have a connection from my work with a static IP so that I can remote into my office when I’m on call. However, this internet connection is on DSL Reach (IE SLOW AS HELL!) [...]

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Nov 27 2010

Day 331

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This is the shiny new router that we just got the other day. We have two routers that are running all the time because we have two internet connections, one cable and one DSL, from two different ISPs. We just do. You’ll have to ask Gabe if you want to know why.

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Nov 26 2010

Day 330

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Other Cat is really concerned with keeping her downstairs clean. Seriously, she has her face in her crotch every ten minutes, all day long. That’s not very polite, Other Cat. I was trying to get a picture of Buttons irritating her, as he does a lot, but by the time she was doing grooming, he [...]

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