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Aug 31 2010

Day 243

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This dog is retarded. He ate part of a purple gel pen, somehow managed to get the ink everywhere. The walls. The couch. Even all over his face. That look in his eyes is fear. I took this picture in the bathroom, and I had to hold his head steady just so the picture wouldn’t [...]

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Aug 30 2010

Day 242

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As I had today off, I predictably spent most of it studying. Instead of taking a picture of the stupid books that I have 11 days to finish studying, I went through my SD card, the same one I’ve been using since 2007, and decided to post this old picture of my brother. This is [...]

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Aug 29 2010

Day 241

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My sweet new tv. Not as awesome as the rainbow, I know, but still. Faux-wood finish! It’s the kind you’d find at a seedy motel in a small town. It was a hell of a weekend, with the other tech being gone. It was just three of us, and we got slammed! At least my [...]

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Aug 28 2010

Day 240

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It was a little rainy early this morning, but the rainbow kind of makes up for it. Wyoming isn’t so bad, I guess. I’m not a fan of Saturdays. It’s my big shift of the week (9-7), and today, the other tech took the day off and we got slammed. On the plus side, the [...]

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Aug 27 2010

Day 239

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I slept funny on my back earlier this week, and it hurts so bad! I’ve been trying not to overexert my crooked back muscles (thanks, scoliosis!) but today, I couldn’t resist and I bought a tv for $2 at a garage sale. It weighted like fifty pounds, but we needed another tv for when we [...]

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