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Jul 31 2010

Day 212

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I made some Nilla wafer/peanut butter/Nutella/whipped cream treats this evening because I had such a long day of moving shelves, moving drugs, and losing my mind. I figured I deserved something unhealthy. SO WORTH IT. This was so damn good. I woke up at 8:15 this morning. I was supposed to be at work at [...]

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Jul 30 2010

Day 211

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I had a very long, very tiring day. It’s necessary to unwind while wearing fuzzy socks because it’s impossible to not be happy while your feet are so darn comfortable. I have five or six pair, which is strange because I never wear normal socks. I hardly ever wear socks at all because I just [...]

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Jul 29 2010

Day 210

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Have you ever woken up and thought, hey, my life would be a lot easier if I bought a decent 3-hole punch? Welcome to my mind. I’m planning on taking my test in September, so I’m starting to buckle down and study. I’ve never been very good at studying. I’ve always coasted by just by [...]

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Jul 28 2010

Day 209

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I want to believe that the dog was all cuddly with me because he likes me, but the truth is, he’s probably just been all over me because I spent half the afternoon playing with my friend Brandee’s yorkie. He only wants to cuddle when I’m studying. I’m trying to make the most frustrating part [...]

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Jul 27 2010

Day 208

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Due to the complete lack of space in our bedroom, I am constantly reorganizing, moving everything around to try to make it look just a little neater, just a little better. Unfortunately, the only way to make these things fit on this shelf was to give the Gamecube a place of honor, right above the [...]

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