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Jun 30 2010

Day 181

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This is going to be Gabe’s Family Week, I guess. Here’s my father-in-law. He’s a very funny man, and he’s a very good father. I’m lucky to have such a cool, laid-back father in law, and the great part is how similar he is to my own dad. My in-laws are friends with my dad [...]

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Jun 29 2010

Day 180

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I’m over halfway through P365! I haven’t missed a day yet, even when nothing really exciting happened. I wish I didn’t lose my camera, though. I only bought it about a month ago. I have no idea where it went. DSi it is! I did get a funny shot of my sister-in-law while she was [...]

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Jun 28 2010

Day 179

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I bought this necklace the other day, and I can’t decide if it’s kind of fun or if it makes me look like a stuffy old lady. Thoughts? Anyone?

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Jun 27 2010

Day 178

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My eyebrows are awful. When I was in 6th grade, my mother started referring to them as my “fuzzy caterpillars” and that’s when I bought my very first set of tweezers. My eyebrows are hella bad, they grow in all directions. Clear mascara can only do so much. I usually use pre-made wax strips, which [...]

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Jun 26 2010

Day 177

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The pharmacy team went out to dinner this evening with our families, so we had a party of about twenty. It was a blast for me, since I rarely do anything social especially in large groups, but since I knew most of the people here, it wasn’t so scary. It was nice to overcome that [...]

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