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May 31 2010

Day 151

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Today was Gabe and I’s second anniversary. I bought him Red Dead Redemption, but he outdid me and got me a 16 GB Zune AND an adapter so I can listen to it through my car stereo. I think tradition dictates we should have given each other wood or something, but whatever. While we were [...]

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May 30 2010

Day 150

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This is my magazine rack. My dad gave it to me a few years ago when he gave me my grandmother’s knitting stuff, which was mostly just bags of yarn and half-finished projects. This was full of her knitting patterns, but now, I mainly use it to store issues of Good Houskeeping that I haven’t [...]

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May 29 2010

Day 149

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An after-dark adventure through the fields beyond my backyard. I had so fun exploring for nothing tonight, just walking aimlessly, enjoying the warm weather mixing the the lazy breeze. I can’t wait for summer.

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May 28 2010

Day 148

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At work, one of my coworkers is always trying to get me to try taupe eyeshadow. She says it will make my eyes “pop.” I’m not sure what that means, but I’ve tried every color of eyeshadow that even might look good on me, but since my eyes are slightly different colors than each other, [...]

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May 27 2010

Day 147

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Thanks for the reminder it’s my wedding anniversary on Monday, Facebook. I have to drive to Lander to get my car’s registration renewed today, and I also have a nail appointment at some place called It’s A Gurl Thang. My tech canceled on me yesterday, and that’s the only place that had any openings tomorrow. [...]

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