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Dec 25 2009


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It’s Christmas! Almost! I’ve been sick all week, but I’m starting to feel better. At least I haven’t crashed a car in over 24 hours. That’s a little shorter than my previous record of almost 24 years. Merry Christmas! I’ve got some sleep to feign and some presents to open.

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Dec 21 2009

I Keep A Jar of Vick’s In My Pocket At Work

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Have people never seen a commercial? Why do people try meth? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE JESUS CHRIST NO YOU CANNOT BUY ANY MORE SUDAFED THIS WEEK. Also, I would never let anybody pay me in gum. (Sorry, I watch a lot of TV.) It was a very long week. I mean, [...]

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Dec 18 2009

Merry Christmas

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A Bad Gift Giving Guide: What You Shouldn’t Give As A Gift To Your Significant Other This Holiday Season (all currently available on eBay) -Ear piercing gun (comes with free studs!)32 results -Chastity Belt42 results -Val Kilmer autograph2 results -Used bras1,134 results -American Girl Doll/Accessories (Addy only)386 results -Canadian Mountie Hat6 results -Team Jacob Water [...]

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Dec 02 2009

Lists and Lists

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Websites I Check Daily: CrackedFailBlogQuestionable ContentFacebook Twitter Magazines To Which I Subscribe: Good HousekeepingCountry LivingHouse BeautifulElle DecorCosmopolitan Beauty Products I Often Use: Victoria’s Secret Love Spell collection (lotions, perfumes, etc.)Loreal mineral foundationThat Lash Blast mascara Drew Barrymore is always advertisingAlmay liquid eyelinerThose 88-cent tiny nail polishes from Walmart Things I Can’t Live Without: A toothbrush/floss [...]

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