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Sep 29 2009

Driving, Reorganizing, Painting

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I’m heading back to Colorado for a visit in about two weeks, and I haven’t told my parents yet. I’m not sure who I want to stay with. One of my parents does not have cable and is still using AOL dial-up, but the other one has two large, destructive, non-housebroken dogs who ate my [...]

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Sep 25 2009

I’m Going To Have To Bite My Lips Until The Bleed

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Things I Have Been Asked Not To Ask The Guy Who Is Visiting Us This Weekend, Because It Is Not Nice To Make Fun Of An Old Guy Who Just Happens To Be Named Merlin: -Do you know magic? -Why don’t you look more like Nicol Williamson? -What was it like to hang out with [...]

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Sep 17 2009


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This is my grandpa Jewell. Well, this is a collection of my extended family, anyway. The guy with the suspenders is my grandpa. He died today of esophageal cancer. I found this out on Facebook. My cousin, Ryan, posted a status about it. I still have zero details other than, hey, he’s not alive. The [...]

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Sep 15 2009

I Prefer The Comfort Inn Anyway

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I got turned down for this job today. It wasn’t anything special, but the interview…God, the interview went so great that I just can’t comprehend why I didn’t get it. I have years of experience in this area. YEARS. I’m pretty upset about it. I ripped up her business card and threw it in the [...]

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Sep 07 2009


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Gabe is sitting across me reading a textbook called Understanding Ethnic Conflict. I’m not as much disturbed by the material as the fact that Gabe is reading something other than IGN. The last book he picked up was the first Harry Potter, two months ago. The last book he finished was the last Harry Potter [...]

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