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May 29 2009


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Why is dial-up more expensive than DSL? Even if it’s sucky DSL, it’s still better.

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May 29 2009

The Things

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On Tuesday, my niece turned a year old. Now, there are many more milestones ahead of her, much more important things like being able to buy beer and fixing the economy, but for now, she’ll have to settle for turning one I GUESS. I spent the afternoon with her last Friday, and even though it [...]

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May 13 2009

Frustrated Scream

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I’m looking all over the internet for these pseudo-sunglasses. They’re kind of funny, right? I’m going to a hipster wedding soon, and I really think that this would be the perfect thing to stick in there with their real gift. However, I’ve been on Google for two hours now, trying to find them. My brain [...]

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May 05 2009

My Note Was Something I Still Regret

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I really like Dear Old Love. It’s one of the ten or so websites that I visit everyday. I love reading the love notes of total strangers, and I’ve contributed a few of my own. One of mine was published on the site awhile back. It’s one of the ones read on this video, and [...]

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